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Contract Personnel

2018 Barrel Man - Cody Sosbee

While it is the bull fighters' job to protect the cowboys, it's the barrel man's primary job to entertain the crowd. It's a job that Cody Sosebee takes very seriously -- for a clown. "I spend two to three hours everyday day on the internet keeping up with current events and gossip columns. I think people would be surprised at how much preparation I do to be able to relate to each individual in the stands. It's not about just going out there and acting like an idiot for a few hours. I have to go in there with as many bullets in my arsenal as possible so that I can connect with whatever crowd is there that night, no matter if they are nine or ninety," explained Sosebee.


Announcer: Scott Grover Pro Rodeo Announcer

When lightning strikes and the thunder claps, the storm is revealed.

In the sport of rodeo, the fury strikes in lightning-fast athleticism and memorable action. It’s also when Scott Grover shines.

He’s been the arena announcer of the Prairie Circuit Finals Rodeo, a position he held for five straight years. It’s an honor that is bestowed upon the greatest names in the game, and Grover has placed himself on that list.

Besides his great work at Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association events all across this land, Grover has made a name for himself with the World’s Toughest Bulls &. Broncs and the Professional Bull Riders.

“I think there’s a thrill,” said Grover, who said his sponsorship with Riata Bermuda Grass and United Country Realty has helped him in chasing his dreams.
Scott Grover will be calling the all the action from the arena for his 10th year at the Will Rogers Stampede.

Stock Contractor: Carr Pro Rodeo

Carr Pro Rodeo will be returning to the 2017 Will Rogers Stampede for another year of action packed rodeo excitement.

Sound Production: Benje Bendele

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